The application has encountered an unexpected error

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    It gives different error codes each time
  • @Juggernaut
    Took a look over your crash logs and your issue looks like its likely going to be tired to MSI Afterburner. We'd suggest uninstalling that and giving the game a try.

    Going over your logs, it looks like we're on driver version 353.54 which was released in 2015. We'll want to grab the updated drivers here.
  • @l3oss
    Let's start by grabbing the updated Nvidia drivers from here. If there's still issues, let's try running the game with the Razer software disabled.
  • @l3oss
    Let's go ahead and try running the 32 bit client.

    Looking over your logs, I'd start out by uninstalling the program associated with this DLL:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<0F320000 0000d000 "GFXHook.dll"</code>
    Looks like that might be Gigabyte Easy Tune.
  • @Noedrago
    Let's go ahead and test with the 32 bit client. If there's still issues, let's grab a DxDiag report.
  • @yanyou11
    If you haven't done so already, let's also give the 32 bit client a try.
  • @yanyou11
    Does that issue occur in both windowed and fullscreen mode?

    Based on that, I'd like to try doing a clean install of the Nvidia drivers. We'll need to remove the current drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller and install the drivers here.

    If the game continues to crash, we'd like to look into removing any of the Baidu software as it shows up a few times in the stack trace in your crash logs.
  • @yanyou11
    Can you try removing the Baidu software and swapping back to the 64 bit client to test?
  • @yanyou11
    Were you able to remove the program that I had mentioned previously? The logs for the last error code still seem to show it:
  • @Hammerheart
    Could you go ahead and post your DxDiag report here?