You hate this game, yet here you are. Why?

  • What compels people that hate this game to continually play it?

    Why do some people that don't even play the game have thousands of forum posts over the last 4 years complaining about it?

    Do other games have people that played less than 100 hours four years ago, and then spend 5,000 hours on the forums complaining?

    I don't understand. Why are you still here if you hate this game so much?
  • Many players offer their frustrations in feedback in more... aggressive ways than others. This isn't always okay - it's best to temper your feedback with constructive criticism, even if you may be a little frustrated.

    In the mean time - let's not feed those who may come here precisely just to rile others up. You're welcome to report more egregious offenders using our forum report system (button on the top right of the post), and one of our moderators will attend to it!