No sound (Win10, 64bit). 2.6.0a

  • Hello,
    Normally I play Diablo 3 without sound on, as I usually am listening to music while rifting. However, today when I went to go farm Goblins, I went to toggle back on my sound just to realize that the sound was already toggled on, however, I have no sounds.
    Steps taken thus far:
    1. Checked system tray and sound settings, Diablo isn't muted, and is turned up.
    2. Attempted game repair through Bnet.
    3. Found some old threats related to this where changing over the sound rate to CD instead of DVD rates. Tried that, no luck.
    4. Attempted to update drivers for audio, all drivers are up to date.

    My last attempt is a complete reinstall, and my internet is pretty terrible, so I've been trying my hardest to avoid that. This is my last step before doing so, though.
    If someone could offer some insight, or possible fixes that have worked for them, that would be fantastic, and very much appreciated.
  • Each of the above cases can be caused by different things.

    Reinstalling the game isn't likely to have any effect.

    Run a dxdiag first and make sure the drivers you're using for the default sound playback device are current.

    If you happen to use Razer's Synapse app, check it as it also has a mixer and often has the game muted.

    For users with the Windows 10 Creator or Anniversary releases, disable the Xbox Game DVR feature.
  • MiniHero

    I'm afraid we can't really support the OS you're using yet as it's still a beta release. It's not the Creator update that's currently available to the public

    Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 64-bit (10.0, Build 16232) (16232.rs_prerelease.170624-1334)

    You might try reverting the Insider Preview back to the earlier release you had before this one and see if it works properly.