[Comcast] Error 3006 and 1016

  • Just curious if anyone else is having this issue? Game was running fine until about 5 hours ago and now I can't get past character select (if I am lucky enough to make it past hero retrieving that is). I have seen a ton of posts in the past with this issue but not a whole lot of answers. There was an article on the error and how there may be temporary issues in a region and to play on another region while they work on the server but....the server does not seem to be down since I know people that are having no issues getting on. I have no issues getting on the EU server but I don't really want to play on a different server. I've tried the other suggestions in the article but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone know any fixes or suggestions? Any help would be welcome =) Thanks
  • Heyo!

    Took a look into this and it does look like everyone here is around the same region and on the same ISP. We've received some tickets that match up as well. So we can look into this, I'd like to grab a traceroute and pathping test to compare.
  • Thanks for the reports!

    So far it does look like everyone reporting here is on Comcast and around the Illinois\Indiana area. We are also currently seeing more tickets come in with the same issue so it does look like something is going on at the moment. Overall the connection tests are looking fine though there is a strange spike on Nappy's:
    <code>3 55 ms 17 ms 11 ms
    4 50 ms 16 ms 9 ms </code>
    Let's also get WinMTR tests ran. With that I'll have more info to report up ^_^
  • Thanks for the assistance guys ^_^

    This does look to be affecting our other games as well so it looks like we'll have plenty of examples.

    I did notice that we're are seeing some packet loss starting on the 3rd hop from thegoodvibe. May be part of the issue but we'll see as we get more tests in!
  • @Nappy
    Unfortunately we don't have a timeframe at the moment. The most we can do right now is collect info for out networking team though the fix itself may need to come from Comcast as it seems to only be affecting those players at the moment.
  • Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to provide an update that we are still investigating the issue. We do ask that you continue to provide the pathping or traceroute.
    Thank you for your patience and help in this.
  • While it is still something being looked into, we don't currently have any updates on the issue. One thing of note is that there does look to be more outage reports around the Chicago area on the map here. Based on the comments it looks like there's some people without internet at all which may be related to the issues routing through those data centers.
  • 07/24/2017 08:32 AMPosted by Synsei
    Hello Zhyxen, Can you verify that the starter edition and Reaper of Souls use the same server for logging in?

    Unfortunately that's not info that I have. Its certainly possible that could be the case to help curb congestion for players trying out the game vs. players playing on the full version. I don't believe that'd be the case though as it'd involve transferring the character data for each purchase. But again, its not something I have enough info to be certain of.
  • Our Wow users experiencing this issue with Comcast in Illinois are reporting it's working now. If you've been having issues, could you please re-test the game again?
  • Hey all,

    This forum thread is for a specific issue that has been affecting players that have Comcast for their ISP. So far it does look like this specific issue has been fixed. If you do have Comcast and are still experiencing these errors or any trouble loading on to game, please replay to this thread.

    If you do not have Comcast, please do try the connection troubleshooting here. In general, the 1016 and 3006 can be just generic connection errors that do not point to a specific cause. Usually the steps on the connection troubleshooting page will help fix them. If they do not please create a new forum thread.