the application encountered an unexpected error

  • Hi i had this error since i wanted to play in season 10.
    The report number is 4443361C-5548-4F6B-AA8A-58C47BE46632.
    Hope you can help me and have a nice day.
  • Heyo!

    Took a look over the crash logs tied to that code and it looks like we're on Nvidia drivers version 354.43 which was released sometime last year. Starting out, let's make sure we have the updated driver here.
  • @Kal3
    If you have an error code I'd be more than happy to take a look. If you're not getting an error, can you go into a bit more detail with what happens when you're playing?
  • @MrOttastram
    Can you try uninstalling the Curse Client\Twitch App? Looks like we currently have the overlay running in the crash logs.
  • Awesome! Go ahead and give the game a try after. If there's still issues go ahead and post the new error code ^_^
  • @MrOttastram
    Wasn't able to find any crash logs with that code. I would like to try running the 32 bit client though to test as this will also set the game to use DirectX 9.
  • @MrOttastram
    Before we try doing anything like a clean install of Windows, I'd want to run a memory scan and system file checker. Past that, if its not too much of a hassle, we can look into reinstalling the OS.

    Not seeing to much in your crash logs. I'd probably go through the same steps as MrOttastram. So start out testing the 32 bit client and if there's still issues let's run those scans.
  • @Aevri
    For you, I'd look into uninstalling the Razer software and giving the game a try.
  • Belzemuth,

    Try temporarily disabling or uninstalling your Avast and Razer apps and then see if the game will run.

    Also, as you have the Windows 10 Creator release, make sure you have the Xbox DVR feature disabled.
  • @Mudkrab & @TinyCat
    Would suggest starting out by grabbing the Nvidia drivers here.