Error: The game connection has been lost

  • I am continuously receiving the error message 'The game connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server'. This was just happening on my Necromancer Hardcore character after a few minutes of game play before season 11 started. Now it is happening on my seasonal Necromancer as well. I am able to play nonseasonal Necromancer for hours without any problems.

    I have done or tried all of the following with no success:
    I am able to make other seasonal characters and have no issues playing them.
    All my drivers are up to date.
    Windows 10 is running the latest patch.
    MTR is showing no packet loss to North America server.
    Startup programs and services were disable.
    Deleted the Diablo 3 folder and my documents and uninstalled/reinstalled game.
    Flushed DNS
    Reset modem and router
    Directly connected to modem
  • Heyo!

    Wanted to provide some info on this. The problem described by IamVarr is something that we're aware of and currently looking into. Be don't currently have a fix for it but wanted to assure you all that we are working on it.

    With that said, the main issue is the amount of inputs that are sent when trying to force move using the scroll wheel. Setting this to a normal held down key will help limit this and should work as a workaround until we can get a fix out!