Installation Language Problem

  • Language input issues. I haven't played for over a year. Go to install and can't move past the first option for language input. Nothing to click. The can't progress. Tried a few options I've seen posted on here. No joy.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks
  • Hey Hitman,

    I am not sure what specific steps you have tried before. The steps below usually fix issues with the language selection when installing a game. If they do not please let us know and let mention all the steps you have tried.

    • Change the language in the Blizzard App settings.
      1) Go to settings (Blizzard icon in your top left corner)
      2) Change your language (Any will do)
      3) Try installing again and you will be presented with more install options
      4) Once the install starts, "Game Options" should become available and you can change your languages back to English (or whichever is desired)
      Note: The Blizzard app may update first, causing the game to be "waiting for another download"

    • Delete these Blizzard App files here and here.