Game crashing with report ID?

  • So i crashed a couple of times (maybe like 10 times total since 2.6), usually in a nephalem rift, and didn't really think it was a big deal. I would just start the game over. Double crashes happened some nights, but again, didn't think it was a big deal. Just started a seasonal nephalem rift, and crashed again, but this time it gave me a report ID E7E2A6D4-3143-4DAD-9A3E-2827B2FBB892 so now i'm curious as to what's wrong with my diablo 3 game or maybe my laptop? I've repaired the game a couple of times and reinstalled it to no avail. Would like talk to contact a blizz support person or anyone if they can help me, thank you for your time.

    EDIT: Just wanted to add that i'm not a computer whiz, so please be patient with me if you are trying to help
  • Heyo!

    Took a look over the crash logs and you appear to be playing on the 32 bit client. Let's follow the steps here and make sure that the option to use the 32 bit client is unchecked. Once done, go ahead and give the game a try.