Skype and D3

  • In the last month of so (perhaps patch 2.6?), when I have a skype call running on the windows client that isn't build into windows 10, my d3 game just shows a black screen and I can't play. If I kill the call, D3 comes back. If I use the built in win 10 skype, that doesn't happen.

    I've updated skype client, graphics card driver.

    Any idea what the problem might be?
  • There may not be too much that we can do here if Skype is causing the black screens. One thing you might try is running the 32 bit client as this will force the graphics API to DX9 which may help.

    Just so we can gather some more info though, does this only happen with the Desktop application? It doesn't occur with the built in Skype app from the Windows Store?