Diablo 3 running even though I am not playing the game

  • My Diablo 3 says the game is running in the battle.net app but I am not playing the game at all. It is not showing up in my task manager to end it can someone please help me find away to close it? Also it says that there is patch for the game but can't download it due tho the game saying it's running.
  • Hello GuardianVale!

    Have you tried rebooting yet? That should close out any hidden processes that might be running in the background, and let the Blizzard app check for updates the next time it runs.

    Before you reboot, we can try clearing out cached data for the app just to be sure. That'll force it to check in with the patch service the next time you launch it:

    Deleting the Battle.net/Blizzard app Cache Folder

    Best of luck in your adventures :)