Regarding Challenge Rifts & Season Start

  • Hi Everyone,

    I know that Nevalistis was kind enough to give us some information on Challenge Rifts with regards to season start, but I was wondering if anyone could clarify further one of the problems i'm currently faced with. I want to do this week's challenge rift once it resets, but do not want to lose out on the reward for my Season character if I do it before season start. Do I have to wait until season start and then complete my first challenge rift so that I can receive the reward or can I finish this weeks Challenge rift (arguably the first challenge rift for this season) and collect the reward once seasons starts?

    Wanted to provide a few updates regarding Challenge Rifts.

    First, as some of you have noticed, the leaderboards currently track two sets of records: previous and current. We agree that it would be nice to have a place to celebrate the champions of previous Challenge Rifts, so we will be starting a regular, weekly blog that highlights the top 50 solo players each week.

    Second, as the beginning of Season 11 is just around the corner, we wanted to clarify something about Challenge Rift caches. Only caches that are earned during an active Season are able to be claimed by Seasonal characters. This is so that the optimal play of Seasons does not include stocking up on Challenge Rift caches during the non-Season to claim on your Seasonal character for a "head start."

    We're looking forward to seeing continued experimentation, discussion, and feedback on Challenge Rifts in the coming weeks.
  • To clarify, it is as MissCheetah stated: in order for a Challenge Rift cache to be claimed on a Seasonal character, it must have been completed during an active Season. After that time, you can claim the cache on any character you wish.

    When we weighed the options as to whether or not caches could be utilized for this purpose, we decided that this inconvenience was a better option than encouraging players to "stock up" in advance to get a head start. It felt like the best compromise for allowing caches to be redeemed in Seasons in general.