More Error 1016

  • Can you all please fix this before you roll out the necromancer? I've had to give up on my seasonal hardcore toon because the first time I received this lovely notification was when I was pushing a greater rift. Luckily, I survived but I'm not going to push my luck again. I've lost several weeks of Hardcore seasonal progression because of this. I've also attempted playing on my non-hardcore toons but that's also pointless when I get disconnected before I can finish a rift. However! The silver lining is that I've made decent progression in Elder Scrolls Online, so uh, thanks for that?

    I've checked the settings on my end as well as running the repair tool and have browsed over the other threads. So please just fix things on your side, I won't be buying the necro until I can actually play for a day without getting the message.
  • Howdy everyone!

    Error 1016 appears to be an error that can be troubleshooted from what we are seeing. Reports of this error can be resolved via connection troubleshooting or third party conflict troubleshooting. I'd recommend to try the steps below:

    Step 1) If you use Razer Synapse try disabling this software or playing in Selective Startup to see if that helps track down a third party conflict and what is causing it. If you can confirm the program report it back to us here.

    If the issue continues try troubleshooting the connection following our connection troubleshooting located Here.

    If the troubleshooting above hasn't helped, please run a WinMTR and try to capture this error while the WinMTR is running. Post the results back here within code blocks.

    Thank you!