Update required

  • Is anyone else having the game update issue?

    I was playing fine earlier today until the game crashed. The next time I try to launch the game, it is saying that it requires an update however when I click it, error comes up saying 'oops somethings gone wrong'.

    Has anyone else been experiencing this issue today? If so any ideas on how to ix it?
  • Howdy Paul!

    Glaurung and Litning1. Please start you own thread, your posts have been hidden as they are not related at all to this issue. Remember the Technical Support forums are for troubleshooting and information gathering only. If you are not willing to do that you can report possible connection bugs to our QA team on the Bug report forums or feedback to our developers on the state of the game on our General forums.

    Paul if the issue started after the client hard crashed that most likely corrupted some data as it didn't have a chance to save properly. It sounds like you are seeing a BB8 error.

    I'd recommend the following steps combo steps:
    Step 1) Repair the Indices folder for Diablo III.
    In the Blizzard Desktop application, on the Game Launch page for Diablo III, click Options > Show in Explorer.
    Open the Diablo III folder.
    Open the Data sub-folder.
    Locate and delete the Indices sub-folder.

    Step 2) Return to the Blizzard App. Run the
    Scan and Repair tool on the game.

    Let us know if the issue continues. If it does see if the error has changed after the troubleshooting above or if it still reports: "oops somethings gone wrong" check to ensure the error code is: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 or report back if it's something different.

    Thank you!