Performance changes

  • I noticed this for WoW but for diablo also. When ever i have League of Legends running in the back ground my WoW and Diablo graphics are much much better.

    Is this a settings issue any way to get this to be like this all the time?
  • Howdy!

    Well that is interesting! This is most likely due to a forced setting from the GPU or League of Legends being applied to all DirectX programs. It really depends on "How" the games look better. If they are sharper in image while moving/standings still, most likely Anti-Aliasing. If the color/brightness are different, most likely contrast levels being changed.

    You may be able to force settings on the games using your GPU Control Panel, review the game profilers for Wow and D3, play around to see what you can improve with out taking too much of a performance hit.