Horrendous Lag Since 2.6

  • Title says it all. Lag has been unplayable this last week.

    My connection seems to be fine to everywhere else...YouTube, Netflix, and even Heroes of the Storm.

    Send help please.

    AT&T U-Verse, Georgia - use Wireless on my laptop to reach router.
  • Hey Jako!

    Can you post a Pathping and post your DxDiag in a Code Block* here?

    *To put your DxDiag in a code block, copy/paste the entire file into your next post, highlight all of it within the post box, then click the </> button.
  • Hey Jako!

    The connection tests you posted don't raise any red flags, but, were you running these connection tests while playing/experiencing the latency in D3? Assuming you did, that would lead me to believe the latency you are experiencing is due to something on the system conflicting with your D3 connection. Can you try the following steps for me:
      1. Wireless connections are super convenient but they can also be very unstable. For the sake of troubleshooting, lets try using a wired internet connection is being used.
      2. The power settings on a laptop can have an impact on the connection in these situations. So, lets make sure the power settings are optimized for gaming. To do that:
        - click the start menu
        - search for and open the "control panel"
        - Select "Hardware and Sound"
        - Under the "Power Options" click "Change power-saving settings"
        - At this point you may only see options for "Balanced" and "Power Saver", so lets click the "Show additional plans" dropdown
        - Select "High Performance"

      3. Ensure that there aren't any background applications slowing down the computer or conflicting with the game by closing down all of the background applications and doing a selective startup.

    On a side note, I noticed that the video drives for your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M are quite a bit out of date. I suggest updating those drivers as well.