Game locking up PC

  • So, i can load up diablo 3 and get to the character screen, but as soon as i click create game, it literally locks up my entire pc. I can't alt-F4 or close out with task manager. I have to restart my computer. This started happening today and its infuriating honestly.
  • Howdy!

    It sounds like the system is running into a freeze. We would need to troubleshoot to find the reason this is suddenly occurring. I would recommend to start out with our Lockups and Crash errors article located Here. If this troublehsooting doesn't help narrow down the issue reply back with your Dxdiag within code blocks.

    Thank you!
  • Hey painboots,

    Seeing a bunch of Windows update errors and Live Kernel errors dealing with the AMD drivers. If you have not yet make sure Windows is fully up to date. If Windows is not able to update properly it may indicate a bigger issue.

    Then uninstall and reinstall the AMD video drivers.

    Then run the Windows System File Checker. This will find and fix any damaged Windows files. When the System File Checker is done it will let you know if there were any damaged files and if it was able to fix them. Please let us know what the results say when the System File