The application encountered an unexpected error.

  • Any chance i can get some help fixing my problem? Every time i open the game, i get to the loading screen and then the game crash.

    Report ID: 00806BD3-79A1-420A-9AFE-2E7256B2AACF
  • Hey Thelolmag!

    I was able to find a recent crash report from your system and it looks like the GTX 850M graphics drivers for that laptop are out of date. Updating those should resolve the crashes.
    Took a look and your drivers also look to be out of date. At the moment it looks like we're on version 359.46 which was released around November 2015. Updated drivers can be found here.
  • @Rathol
    The crash log looks to be a from an older version of the Blizzard app. If its not updating, let's uninstall the app through control panel. Once done let's make sure to delete the Blizzard cache. We can re-download the app from here.

    Your crash logs aren't providing too much info. I'd try the 32 bit client but if there's still issues, let's grab a DxDiag report.
  • @BMan
    Can you try uninstalling the raptr software? Steps for that can be found here.
  • @Dttin

    Going over the crash logs, we looks to be running the 353.24 Nvidia drivers which looks to have been released sometime in 2015. Let's grab the updated drivers here and give the game a try.
  • @bamboo
    Let's grab the updated Nvidia drivers here. If there's still issues, let's test with the Onkyo Wavio sound card disconnected.

    As kwittstruck mentioned, we'd suggest updating the Nvidia drivers as it looks like they're currently out of date. You van grab the same one mentioned above .

    Let's give the 32 bit client a try. If there's still problems, let's grab a DxDiag report.
  • @Balatro
    Mind posting a DxDiag report?

    Are you saying your issue was resolved after reinstalling the game?
  • @Shuuny
    The video drivers for the GeForce GTX 960M video card in your lap top are out of date by quite a bit. Updating those should resolve the D3 crash issue for you.
  • @Almafuerte
    Mind posting a DxDiag report?