And the exploits continue... Rollback Exploit.

  • UPDATE - Adding links at the bottom of this post to threads regarding the rollback exploit. (to view the deleted threads use the google Cached feature)

    This same exploit of "rolling back a rollback" was used in conjunction with the bloodshards exploit, players were able to use in the in-game rollback mechanism to go back to when they had 250k+ bloodshards. Players were banned for doing this.

    I advise that you do not attempt this exploit.


    So it seems that the "punishment" that Blizzard has dished out to the exploiters has still left us with a huge imbalance in-game. The game environment is no longer a fair, even playing field. Exploiters have found a way to reverse the re-rolls done by Blizzard during the hotfix. This is the current state of affairs:

    1. Blizzard have decided to allow exploiters to keep their gems levelled through this exploit, but have reduced their level from 140-150 to 132, as this is the highest "legitimately" obtainable gem level at the moment.

    2. Blizzard have decided to allow exploiters to keep augmented gear gained by using gems gained through the exploit (i.e. a level 140 Caldesann's Despair has not been rolled back).

    3. Blizzard have decided to allow exploiters to keep the excessive amounts of XP gained from farming GRifts at or near the maximum level.

    4. As of writing this post exploiters are reversing their rollbacks, effectively "re-rollbacking", through the support rollback feature. This is restoring their gem levels to 140+, pre-hotfix. Exploiters are proudly bragging about this in the public channels (the posts are being swiftly removed by moderators).

    All of the above is still currently affecting the game environment, creating an unfair gaming experience. The precedence has now also been set by Blizzard that exploitative behaviours are not being discouraged as per the EULA, it is apparent that the abuse of exploits has no repercussions and provides a huge boon to players.

    Rollback exploited (Deleted)
    Blizz, exploiters re-aquiring 140 gems through rollback
    Hey Blizz - your pitiful "punishment" failed
  • Hey all,

    Just wanted to jump in to say we've heard reports of people attempting to roll back their rollback. We've looked into it and seen no cases where people are actually trying to do so (regardless of claims in chat channels), but we'll keep a close eye on it.