Diablo 3 was Unable to Initialize D3D

  • I keep getting this error message when i try to start Diablo 3 in the default mode which i asume is 64-bit, if i pick the setting to start the game in 32-bit it runs fine, but i am wondering why this is happening and if it can be fixed, never happened before and i have not changed any hardware either so quite confused as to why this error pops up now.

    Starting Starcraft II in the default mode doesn't give me an error msg so it's quite confusing.

    Also, what changes when i launch Diablo 3 in 32-bit compared to 64-bit?
  • One of the big differences and the on that is likely going to be related to your issue is going to be that the 32 bit client is going to use DirectX 9 while the 64 bit client uses DirectX 11. Would you be able to post a DxDiag report so we can take a look?
  • @Draakora
    Would you be able to disconnect the TV and give the game a try? If possible let's also lower the refresh rate on the monitor to 60 Hz for testing. if this can be done on the monitor itself, that would be preferred. Otherwise we can try changing the setting in Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Thanks for the update and glad things are working for you now ^_^