Game Unplayable? Alienware17

  • So just logged in for the first time in a many months to try out the new Necromancer...And yea..I got to level 70 just fine, but now, doing GRs I'm lagging hardcore all the time, and you can hear my computer's fans working extra hard...Like what is going on? I have an Alienware 17 laptop and a HW 250mbps connection...I even put all my settings on low for performance enhancement (when I'm normally able to run everything on High without issue)

    Any details on what might be going on?
  • Heyo!

    Read over this and are you experiencing spikes in latency or are you noticing drops in frame rate? You can view the ping by hovering over the latency bar by the resource pool. The FPS can be display with Ctrl + R. Please include what you're seeing there.

    Along with that info, we'll want to grab a DxDiag report. Please post the contents of that here using the code tags to keep things clean!
  • Thanks for grabbing that!

    90 FPS should definitely still be playable. Going over the DxDiag I'd want to look into updating the Nvidia drivers which can be found here. Let's also test with the external monitor disconnected.

    Were you able to check and see what your latency numbers were sitting at?