Crash From Selecting Challenge Rift from UI

  • My game crashes when I select the 'Challenge Rift' option from the menu. Note, I'm not talking about actually trying to enter a challenge rift, but merely the beginning menus when you boot up the game.

    Once I select the 'Challenge Rift' option, the game will draw the Challenge Rift UI mostly, then parts of the UI will go transparent, redraw again, and then eventually crash. The crash takes all three of my monitors to a black screen. When it automatically recovers, Diablo 3 is still running in my taskbar, but shows nothing at all as if it was minimized. I have to force close Diablo 3 after this.

    Selecting 'Campaign' or 'Adventure' modes do not cause this problem. There is no difference in performance in any other aspect of the game.

    All hardware drivers are up to date. All Windows Updates are installed, I am not in the Windows Insider program. Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, or any other application do not cause problems. I'm not running any other programs that could possibly interfere with Diablo 3 in the background.

    Thank you for any help.
  • Heyo!

    Took a look over some crash logs I was able to find and it looks like we're on AMD driver version which was from around April 2017. There were some recent drivers that we'd like to look into installing here.
  • Ah that's my bad, we shouldn't need to worry about that. Have we by chance tested on the 32 bit client? If not, it'd be the next thing I'd want to look into so we can test the game on DX9. Along with that, let's also test with just one of the monitors connected.