2.6.0 Hotfixes - Updated 7/10

  • Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks.

    These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued.

    Last updated September 15. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers.

    Previous Hotfixes: [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [2.4.2] [2.4.3][2.5.0]


      Fixed an issue which caused the six-piece bonus on the Grace of Inarius set to proc the effect of Mirinae and other on-hit effects too frequently (7/10)Adjusted the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus based on player feedsback (7/10)
        The six-piece bonus will now grant 625% (up from 250%) damage to your minions and Army of the Dead skill for each active Skeletal Mage with a total cap of 2500%. With this, players will only need to summon four (down from ten) Skeletal Mages to receive the full six-piece set bonus. Additional Skeletal Mages can still be summoned to attack your enemies, but aren’t needed to maintain the bonus. This makes maintaining the bonus less time consuming and allows damage to ramp up more quickly at the start of combat. The total number of Skeletal Mages that can be active at a time is unchanged (ten). (7/10)
      Enabled the item Hellcat Waistguard to begin dropping once more (7/10)Fixed an issue which allowed certain Necromancer Legendary items to be equipped by non-Necromancer classes (7/10)

      Command Skeleton minions are no longer destroyed upon entering a Greater Rift (7/10)Fixed an issue where Marked for Death with the Grim Reaper rune was incorrectly spreading the damage from the skill Frailty (7/10)

      Fixed an issue where several types of Fallen were unable to spawn as Champion packs in some zones (9/13)
  • Please be aware that these hotfixes have been delayed to Monday, July 10 and are not currently live.
  • The above hotfixes are now live. Live dates have been updated to reflect the appropriate deployment date.
  • The below hotfix is now live on servers:

    • Fixed an issue where several types of Fallen were unable to spawn as Champion packs in some zones (9/13)