• Hi guys,
    after a few minutes in the game i get a black screen while sound from the (chat with friend) is still working.
    Drivers are updated, changed grafics to minimum, tried to run the game in window mode --> nothing worked
  • Silberdrache,

    I'ts a bit tough to give an accurate diagnosis on just the info you've given as there's nothing there to indicate an error occurred. That being said, we can try a couple of things.

    Since I see you're using the new Windows 10 Creator release, you should disable the Xbox Game DVR features first.

    I'd also like to see your D3Debug.txt file. If you're using the 64 bit client as I assume, the file will be in your Diablo III\x64 folder.
  • Silberdrache,

    It doesn't look like anything bad happened during your last play session for which the debug file would be for. If that's correct, I'd need you to play until it happens again, then exit and post the D3Debug.txt file again please.