Completed King Leoric but no more quests

  • Hi, I'm not sure if this is a technical issue or I'm just thick but I completed the King Leoric quest last night (talked to everyone in town afterwards) but no one gave me any new quests or told me how to get to the next area (journal's just empty). I'm aware of the 72 hour restriction on digital purchases but I got a retail copy of the game from gamestop so that shouldn't apply to me should it? (It's been ~24 hours since I activated the game)
  • HellKey,

    The account from which you're posting only has the free Diablo III Starter Edition on it. You've reached the limit of what it will let you play.

    I see you do have another account with the regular Diablo III on it though it looks like it was never really played. That account uses a Hotmail.IT email address.
  • Jom,

    Your account has had the retail games on it since 9/1/2017. You do know I hope that after killing the Skeleton King, you have to go under his throne to continue with the game's progress?