Paragon Control +100 Not Working

  • You can now spend 100 Paragon points by holding the Control key and left clicking.

    The new ability to add 100 paragon points by holding Control is not working as intended on Mac.

    Simply holding control doesn't even add a single paragon point. The following does work, however your character does not stand still when you do it:

    I'm running the latest version of macOS, and I use the Apple Keyboard (Gen 1).
  • Hi there Nahydrin,

    I looked over this on a Mac and the Ctrl + Left click was adding 100 paragon. This tells me this may be a setting, as such I would ask you reset your keybindings and see if works.

    If it still not working, please verify Ctrl + Left click is working out side of the game.

    Last, if Ctrl + Left click does work out of game and the reset did not help, lets make sure nothing is interacting with the game in a negative way. Lets shut down any background programs.