Game Freezing in Aqueducts (Western Channel)

  • I recently began playing D3 again and upgraded to the necromancer expansion pack. Everything had been going smoothly but an issued occurred when I searched the western channel in the aqueducts. Diablo 3 seems to crash whenever I enter the western channel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • astill2,

    Assuming you play with the 64 bit client, could you please delete the Diablo III\x64\D3Debug.txt file and then play the game again and get it to crash. Then post the newly made D3Debug.txt file in the x64 folder.
  • astill2,

    The most current one which ought to be in your x64 folder. It's going to make new one when you play again. I just didn't want them mixed into one bigger file as it's harder to manage.

    If you haven't played since it crashed, the file in the x64 folder as-is would be ok to post.