Unexpected errors

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  • Howdy!

    Not seeing much details here. The error is a general access violation most commonly caused by a third party conflict. This conflict can come from third party software running in the background, Overlays, or out dated drivers. I'd recommend the following steps to see if we can help clear this up!

    Step 1) Ensure your Nvidia drivers are updated Here.

    Step 2) Try playing while the system is in Selective Startup mode. This will help shut down all programs that startup with Windows. It's a good idea once in selective startup to double check near the system clock that all third party programs are still off, if not close them or recheck the steps.

    Step 3) Ensure Xbox DVR is disabled. Use the drop down and follow the steps for Windows Build: 14393.

    Retest! If the issue continues can you please post up your Dxdiag within code blocks. Thanks!