NO Leveling

  • NECROMANCER doesn't give experience points. Cant play without points. I reconnected but no good.
  • Howdy!

    I see your Necromancer is level 70. Are you reporting your experience from killing mobs doesn't seem to be moving your Paragon levels?

    If that is the case try increasing the difficulty of your game play. Another reason that could cause something like this is the client is desynced from the server. Try the following steps to refresh your connection:

    Step 1) Power Cycle the home connection.
    Step 2) Try clearing your DNS cache
    Step 3) Run the game's Scan and Repair.

    Thank you!
  • Howdy!

    I have not seen issues with experience either playing myself, with friends or just general reports. I'd recommend if you are sure this issue isn't impacted by your difficulty level, gear or other factors to post on our Bug Report forums Here.