D3D Error

  • D3D error hpw do you fix it?
  • Howdy!

    It depends on where and how you see this error. Generally this error means the game is running into a conflict when trying to utilize your GPU or Drivers. The most common troubleshooting steps are the following:

    Step 1) Update your display drivers, help on this can be found Here.
    Step 2) If you utilize Windows 10 and have recently updated your Operating System make sure that Xbox DVR is disabled, steps on how to do this can be found Here.
    Step 3) Try using the 32bit client.
    Step 4) Try running the game in Windowed mode:

    Windows 10 Steps :
    Go to Documents folder
    Diablo 3 folder
    ‚ÄčIn the D3Prefs.txt file you will want to adjust :
    - > Changed the line : DisplayModeWindowMode "0" to DisplayModeWindowMode "1"

    Windows 7/8.1 Steps:
    Go to the Battle.net App
    Left-click on the Battle.net Logo
    Choose Settings
    Select Game Settings
    Under Diablo III click box for "Additional Command line Arguments"
    In the field, type '-windowed' without the quotes
    Click Done
    Run the game

    Now if the issue continues please post up what troubleshooting you have completed from above. When do you see this error(On startup? Or randomly during game play?) Please also include your Dxdiag within code blocks.