Error 316502 Please Help!

  • Error 316502, and I've not been able to connect to any multiplayer.

    It will say 200-something games are currently going, and make me wait 20 seconds or so, until finally this error comes up. Occasionally it will just place me in a solo game.
  • Hello Karma!

    Sorry to hear you're getting this error when trying to join a game... looking through our archive, I have no information about that particular error code though. Can you confirm 316502 is the one in the message? A screenshot of the error message would be good too (if you submit a support site ticket, it can be attached to that).

    Without knowing more about the reason of that issue, I'd recommend running through the general connection troubleshooting for Diablo III just to make sure it's not something basic acting up:

    Diablo III Disconnection Problems

    Run through those recommendations, but if it persists, please get back to us with more details! Best of luck in your adventures :)