Mouse stops working after you press play

  • For mac

    Diablo mouse stops working after you press the play button to start game.

    mouse has newest firmware

    mouse moves a tiny bit in the middle of the screen thats it..
  • Make sure you have fully updated your Mac to Sierra 10.12.5 and then try the following:

    Let's try resetting the the game settings for Diablo III through the Desktop application.
    In the Desktop application:
    1. Click the blue icon on the Desktop application.
    2. Choose settings, then game settings.
    3. Click the reset in game user options button under the correct game listing.
    4. Confirm the changes and close the window.

    If that doesn't work let's try to remove any programs that might be interfering with the game launch and possible causing a conflict with the mouse by running in selective startup mode.