Necromancer problem

  • Cannot play Diablo Necromancer add on please advise???????????
  • Howdy simmo7ts!
    I pulled up your account and it looks like you purchased the Necromancer through the US region. Do me a favor and switch to the US region for Diablo 3 and log in to see if you have the Necromancer there. If you do, go ahead and create then log into a Necromancer for a few minutes. I believe it should be global, so, doing this should also update your EU region version of D3. If you do have it on the US region, after logging in, go ahead and swap back over to the EU version and see if the Necromancer shows up for ya!

    Chronos and Mac,
    Can y'all try running a scan and repair for me. If that doesn't work, resetting your password should resync the account and allow you to see the Necromancer. :)
  • Hey Aceedcee,

    Sorry to hear this is happening. =/ I'd be curious to see a screenshot of that error if possible. As far as troubleshooting, i'd start by deleting the Blizzard App cache and tools folders.
  • Hopefully everything works normally for you here on out but if you run into any further trouble, I recommend contacting us directly here. Choose phone callback as the submit option and put what information you can into the form and that will allow us to get in touch with you directly.