Diablo 3 Install / Play button missing

  • I am getting seriously miffed because of the way the current problems with Diablo 3 are being downplayed and fed back to the player base. Blue posts constantly suggesting the problem must be at the players end.

    Hundreds of people posting the problems they encounter ever since the launch of 2.6.0., yet you keep suggesting the problem must be at the users end.

    The problem is at blizzards end no matter how many times you keep suggesting it is not. You are actually insulting my intelligence.
    Or are you going to suggest that these hundreds of people the past few days are all in error?

    The install and or play button just does not appear anymore for Diablo, Overwatch and Heroes of the storm. WoW, Heartstone and Starcraft are fine.

    And yes, tried every thing you have suggested regardless of how stupid some of those suggestions where.

    If suddenly hundreds of people have connection and or install issues after a new patch, just from one day to an other......how dare you suggest it must be the hundreds of players that must be doing something wrong.

    ....Like hundreds of us all mess up at the same time, and in the same way.....

  • Hello gang!

    For anyone whose Blizzard launcher app is missing buttons, let's clear out the app's cache data, which may be glitched and affecting the info that displays on-screen for navigation and so on:

    Deleting the Battle.net/Blizzard app Cache Folder

    Re-running after this will re-download the latest versions of these files.

    It is recommended also to run the app as administrator, and to check your Secondary Logon setting, a program permission level that the app sometimes needs to carry out its normal tasks:

    Administrator Mode

    Secondary Logon Service

    Best of luck in your adventures :)