Game loading from a save years ago

  • Hey guys. I thought I would chime in here.
    bought necromancer on release date. Had issues logging in today reset password ect. I would appear that my profile has reverted back to a previous save. complete with old characters long deleted. Can you please let me know what you find or if there is anything to do on my end. I played last night for the most recent game save . ending probably around 11:00 EST. ?? as a parent of another player any assistance in this matter would be helpful!!!!
  • Kalex,

    Looks like you've mixed up having two very similarly named accounts. One with .com and one with .net
  • Kalex,

    I know what you mean, I've been with them since they were GTE, before the internet pretty much ;)

    Even with the AOL move, you can still use the .net address, at least I am.