D3 never ending transition loading screen

  • Hi guys,

    I've never had any issues such crashing/lockups/freezes with D3 since patch 2.6 was applied.
    After this i have this weird issue that happens when i transit from one level to another (ex. through a door to lvl2), or when i try to teleport back to town.
    I get this never-ending loading screen...something that normally takes seconds to load now it takes forever & eventually i stop waiting having to press ctrl-alt-del to close the game & start over.
    This is very frustrating specially when running greater rifts which cause me to lose my precious GR key.
    I repeat i never had that kind of problem(or any problem) before patch 2.6

    Can i have a suggestion on this please?
  • Nightflyer,

    Have you tried running the game's Scan and Repair utility?