Stuttering during co-op

  • Alright, so my rig can obviously play Diablo 3 just fine and it's been running smoothly throughout the years, but as of late, I've been experiencing lag stutters every 0.5 seconds whenever I'm in a co-op game with my brother or friends. When I'm playing solo, it runs just fine and I've tried everything I could think of to rid myself of this issue to no avail. It's annoying to even play the game when this keeps happening and not knowing how to fix it is frustrating. If you guys have anything I can work with, that'd be awesome.
  • @MetalG0D @Drewbinz

    Let's go ahead and try running the game with the 32 bit client as this should also allow the game to run in DX9 for testing. If there's still issues with that setting, let's get a DxDiag report.