"The application has encountered an unexpected error"

  • It pops up every time I attempt to start the game. Reinstalled, repaired, and reset settings to default through the launcher. Nothing worked.

    ID D8DA7EEA-9F90-4665-8CE2-F7A031512BAE

    To top it off, I attempt to contact support and it keeps telling me the necessary options for support (DxDiag, MSINFO32, phone number, etc.) are NOT filled in, so there is no way I can connect to Blizzard. Anyone have a solution? Thanks.
  • Howdy Ravage!

    Your Diablo III client is almost instantly crashing which is a sign that the game is running into a conflict on startup. We often see this when a third party conflict is occurring such as with an Overlay, streaming program or something not sharing GPU resources.

    I see FencesMenu64.dll loaded up this may be a major issue, Stardock Fences. Try disabling any of the following: Overlays, Streaming software or any software that alters your desktop like StarDock Fences. If that doesn't work try playing while the system is in Selective Startup with ALL background programs disabled.

    DisasterDave yours took me a moment to track down but I believe it's caused by D3DGear, so recording software. Try disabling it and retesting if that doesn't work try the steps above. Look and disable Overlays, Streaming software or other software that may be utilizing the GPU in the background.
  • @TinchO
    Took a look over your logs and the main thing I noticed were these DLLs:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FF8B3FE0000 00244000 "ltc_game64-119906.dll"
    DBG-MODULE<00007FF8B6330000 0006c000 "ltc_fpsi64-119906.dll" </code>
    These are going to be part of Raptr and so we'll want to try uninstalling that software and give the game another try.

    I didn't see anything specific when looking over your logs. Would you be able to test with the 32 bit client?

    I couldn't find your logs at all. Would you be able to manually locate them and post the most recent here? Instructions are under Game Error Logs.
  • @MariusFDR
    I'm also not finding your crash logs. Can you try manually grabbing those for me?
  • @MariusFDR
    Didn't see a whole lot to go off of in your logs. The driver version listed for the Nvidia card looks to be an Intel version number. I wanted to make sure that we have that latest drivers so let's start put by grabbing these which were released today.

    If there's still issues let's also test with the 32 bit client.
  • MariusFDR,

    I'm glad that got it fixed for you!! I will pass that long to Zhyxen. :)

    ~ Zayssie
  • @phosTR
    Please keep in mind that we are not always working the forums and so we'll get to new posts when we can ^_^

    With that said, I looked over your logs and you appear to be on Nvidia driver version 353.62 which was released around July 2015. We suggest grabbing the updated drivers here.
  • @phosTR
    We're more than happy to help with your crashing issue but if you're not willing to try updating your drivers, we're not going to be able to assist you. As we've seen with some of the previous posts, so far this has been an issue with conflicting programs or outdated drivers.

    The 32 bit client sets the game to use DX9 rather than DX11 and so a driver update may help. Double checked the crash logs and it looks like you're on version 353.54 which was also released around July 2015. We can try grabbing the updated drivers here.
  • @Rainbeaux
    As with some of the other posts, we'd want to make sure that you're on the latest Nvidia drivers. Currently it looks like we're running the 359.40 drivers. We can grab the 384.76 drivers from a few days ago here.
  • Glad to get you back up and running Rainbeaux ^_^