Patch 2.6 not loading

  • 2011 iMac Core i7, MacOS 10.12.5

    Blizzard app says, "Waiting on another installation or update . . . ." It doesn't make any progress. Nothing happening now for almost half an hour. Any help appreciated.
  • Hey Cuchulain,

    Removing these Blizzard App folders can sometimes help get past the waiting message and get Diablo III updated.
      1) Use Activity Monitor to quit all Agent,, and game processes.
      2) Using Finder, click the Go menu and select Computer.
      3) Navigate to the /Users/Shared
      4) Delete the and Blizzard folder.
      5) Launch and login to the Blizzard App. There may be a little bit of a delay as new versions of the files are installed.
      Note: If the Blizzard App does not show the games installed click on the Locate next to the Play button. Then navigate to were the game is installed.
  • Hey KizzyG and ravenclaw,

    If you have not tried the steps I posted above, please do.

    I do see that both of you are not playing from the Americas region. The Europe and Asia regions have not patched to 2.6 just yet. You may want to play Diablo III on your regional servers till Diablo III is updated to 2.6 after maintenance in your region.