Can't add friends In game.

  • I download diablo3 yesterday and buy it with the dlc .
    But i add my friend on battle client but in game he is not online.
    I can't join any clans and if my friends look me up in the friends list it says "app" not that im playing diablo 3.

    I have play free version first till level 13 than i upgrade.
    WHAT TO DO? help me please
  • Hey Bucket,

    So looking into your account I do see you logging into the Americas Region. Since you live in Europe I'm guessing your friend is playing in the Europe region. I would make sure to change the dropdown above the play button to Europe and that should get you fixed up.

    If it does show Europe you may be affected by a bug that is under investigation and to change regions you will need to follow the steps posted here to change your region.