• I need some help on playing D3 PTR2.6.

    Yesterday I chose PTR in REGION and selected INSTALL, soon it appeared PLAYABLE but I was informed to update the launcher. So I updated and restart the launcher only to find PTR option was eleminated from the list.

    Today I create PTR account and download the client, now the launcher appears a circle right to the REGION/ACCOUNT selection indicating some update is in progress, and a yellow bar is shown below the D3 icon in the games list, which should mean the game is playable I guess. So the problem is, how can I find the PTR option and play it?
  • Hey PowerOfStars,

    The PTR currently has the Necromancer beta which requires a Beta invite. It's likely your Blizzard app was an older version that was still showing the standard PTR which is why it allowed you to download the PTR.

    If you would like to participate I would make sure to opt into Blizzard Betas in Account Management and you may be chosen to participate in the future.
  • It depends on our developers testing needs, if they need additional testing they will send out more invites. However I am unsure of if/when that would be.