Running Blizzard App on different users same PC.

  • Hello,

    Been trying to find a solution to this to no avail. We have a single computer being shared by 2 players, each with their own Blizzard account. The PC (Windows10-64bit) also has 2 users, (one of each player).

    The problem we're having is Player 1 having played on the Blizzard app must completely sign out of that app before Player 2 can log into their personal user profile, launch their own Blizzard app and play their games.

    Always returns the same failure if you don't: (The Blizzard app is currently running under a different user, please log into that user).

    Are there any known options for circumventing this?

    Ultimately this is simply a convenience issue.

    Thanks in advance guys.
  • Hey Tripwire,

    You can actually set the Blizzard app to allow you to run multiple instances of the app. To do this just click on the Blizzard logo in the top left of the app and go to Settings. On the General tab tick the check box for 'All multiple instances of the Blizzard app' and that should take care of this for you.