Latency spikes getting worse.

  • Is anyone else having the same trouble as me?
    I used to have some lag spikes, some times are worse than others. Usually its better during late at night (PST).

    But for the past few days, it has been really bad. I was having spikes all the time and is pretty much unplayable at this point.
  • There could be a number of things going on.

    I can say that the servers and our network are operating normally at this time but we can't really see anything beyond that outside of very clear and widespread internet or game client issues which for the moment the vast majority of players are not reporting any issues.

    So to look into this further we would need some information from you in regards to your system and connection. First try some basic troubleshooting and see if it helps, if it doesn't, gather the information requested and reply back.

    Make Sure your OS and Video Drivers are up to date:

    For AMD video cards go here.
    For Intel go here.
    For all Nvidia Video cards go here.

    Try doing an extended power cycle on your system. Turn off all devices including the modem. Wait 20 minutes, turn on the modem, wait 5 minutes, turn on any network devices, wait 2 minutes, turn on your computer and try the game.

    You can try switching your DNS settings to use Google's free public DNS servers instead of your ISPs Servers.

    Let's reset the in game user options:
    1. Click the blue bnet icon on the bnet app.
    2. Choose settings, then game settings.
    3. Click the reset in game user options button under the correct game listing.
    4. Confirm the changes and close the window.

    Run the Scan and Repair tool.

    If you are on Windows 10, please disable the Game DVR (Please also disable GameBar and GameMode functions if you are on the Creators Build)

    If you are using an NVidia GPU please disable Nvidia Share. You can access this option through the Geforce Experience Desktop Application. Simply log into the application. Click on the gear symbol, scroll down to the Share Section and move the slider to off.

    Try running your system in selective startup mode.

    If that does not solve the issue, I would like some additional information about your system and the programs running on it. Please carefully read the following as we only want certain bits of information here on the forums:

      1.) Hit Windows+R on your keyboard together, which will bring up the Run dialog. Then type the following and hit enter: msinfo32
      2.) In the window that opens, click on the + sign next to Software Environments, then click on Running Tasks. Click on one item on the right side, click on Edit, and then Select All (Or hit Ctrl-A). Click on Edit, and the Copy (Or hit Ctrl-C)
      3.) Paste that into a reply.
      4.) Go back to MSInfo and click Services, click any item on the right, click on Edit, and then Select All (Or hit Ctrl-A). Click on Edit, and then Copy (Or hit Ctrl-C)
      5.) Post that back as another reply.

    I would like to get a copy of your DXDIAG so I can take a look at it. To get this just follow the instructions here and then paste the contents of the DXDIAG.txt in your reply

    When posting the reports, please highlight them and click the code button to encase them in code blocks. This will make them easier to analyze. :)

    Run a WinMTR Test while in game and experiencing the latency, then paste the results here as well.