100FPS with a 1080ti?

  • Hey, I was just curious. I have a 1080ti, and I am only getting barely 100FPS.... Shouldn't I be killing it in this game? Any ideas?
  • Zelvil,

    It depends, There are times when it can be much higher than that but it depends on the settings, primarily Vsync. If it's on, you'll be limited to the refresh rate of your monitor, if it's off, the numbers can go much higher but that can also work your graphics card harder and sometimes cause a "tearing" effect on the display. My advice is not to worry about the inflated FPS numbers you can reach. Just use Vsync and it ought to give you the least amount of issues. If you have a Gsync-capable display and have it enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel, leave Vsync off in the game for the best results.