Character moves but everything else doesn't

  • Hi! For the last couple of days I always have this strange problem when I play D3. From time to time, my character can move but monsters and summoned creatures stop moving. It's like the time was stopped and my character was the only one unaffected. Sometimes it stays like this for 1 or 2 seconds but some other times it just stays like this (I let the game open for 5-10 minutes and it was still like this). I can't even exit the game normally. I have to do ctrl+alt+del to get out.

    It happened to me at every time of the day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night...) My latency is fine (the bar is green). No FPS problem either. No problem with my Internet connection when I browse the web or when I play other games. I still tried to reset my connection (turn the router and modem off then on) but it doesn't help. I tried the 32 bit client thing that so many people talk about but it doesn't help either.

    Anyone has any idea about what could be done? Is this simply a problem with Blizzard servers? I assume there would be other people complaining about this if it was the case though.
  • Hey GuyMongrain,

    Generally if monsters and summoned creatures stop moving it means the game client is not receiving updates from the server. While your latency is fine there could be some packet loss going on.

    What I would like to have you do is run some WinMTR connection tests while playing to hopefully capture this when it happens and reply back with the results and we can go from there.
  • Hey Rainmaker,

    From your WinMTR it looks like you may have an issue between your modem and your ISP.
    | - 0 | 1954 | 1954 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 0 |
    | - 1 | 1907 | 1895 | 28 | 31 | 97 | 30 |
    | - 1 | 1915 | 1905 | 30 | 33 | 100 | 32 |
    This may indicate either a problem with the wiring between your modem and your isp's local node or a problem with the node itself. I would definitely reach out to them and have them look into the modems signal levels and that should help identify what is going on.