Unable to purchase Necro pack

  • jrm
    Running on a iMac, OS x 10.9.5. Received Necro beta invite on 5/19. I can play on PTR with no issues. When I try to 'Purchase' the Necro pack the game aborts, closes, re-inits and re-installs some ROS patch. This happens when the game video option is set to Windowed/Full Screen. If the option is set to Full Screen, clicking the 'Purchase' button changes Full Screen to Windowed, re-positions to upper left quadrant and shrinks by ~30%. It also locks the cursor (spinning disc:wait) inside the shrunken D3 window, requiring to to cycle power to restore.

    Numerous support tickets (3) have failed to provide a resolution. Updating OS or drivers seem to be the go to suggestion. Last reply informed me the 'Game Masters' don't control game betas (so who is?) and the forums are my best option!

    Any other Mac folks having Necro purchase issues?
  • Hey jrm,

    It is possible the issue you are seeing is a result of the Mac still being on 10.9.5. This version of macOS X is not support for Diablo III. This is especially true for the beta. I recommend updating the Mac to at least 10.10.5.

    If you are still having issue after updating post in the Necromancer Beta forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/22814165/