[Solved] Game Freeze 5-10 sec

  • My notebook MSI GT73VR 6RF Titan
    Graphic Card - GTX1070
    Windows 10 64 bit

    When I play Diablo 3 Ros in Windowed Fullscreen or Fullscreen the game sometimes freeze like 5 - 10 second before the game become playable again.

    Solution remove Nvidia Geforce Experience
    1.Run DDU in normal mode and select remove Geforce Experience
    2.restart your PC
    3.Play D3

    my setting in game
    - all max but no AA and no SSAO
    - check Vsync and Reflection
    - Windowed Fullscreen
  • Just as a heads up, you can typically use Geforce Experience, though its game profile settings can cause issues as well as the nvidia share functions. Not using the geforce experience to set game settings and then disabling the nvidia share functions through geforce experience should solve the issue you are seeing.

    I only mention this in case you are like me and use geforce experience with an nvidia shield tv/tablet and do not want to remove it.