Character Slots; Mouse

  • Hi! I would like to ask some help regarding my characters on log in. Occasionally they would rearrange themselves after I have reordered them upon logging back in; they usually go back to a certain order, I don't know why; it's kind of annoying really, any thoughts?

    Also, I noticed since the season started my mouse pointer had become about 50% smaller; I had tried to adjust my settings in-game to no avail. Have you guys changed the mouse pointer for some reason? It's really hard to note its location especially when my screen is filled with a hundred monsters and a dozen skills.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hey SethMD,

    If the game crashes, disconnects or you force close it the character order may not get saved to the server as a lot of those settings are actually saved on game exit. I would go ahead and order your characters and then logout normally and hopefully that should help.

    As far as the mouse pointer have you tried going into the options menu ingame and enabling Large Cursor under Video options? That should hopefully help with that.