Battle.NET client using way too much CPU


    For comparison, Steam uses 20mb of memory and 0% CPU.

    BattleNet has become a MAJOR resource hog ever since it was re-branded to "Blizzard App Client" and is causing some serious issues.

    I can't even play games with the client open anymore because it randomly spikes up to 30-40% CPU usage, and I have a decent computer.
  • Hello Preyu,

    Here are some things that you can do to help free up those resources:

    - In the Blizzard app at the top left click on the Blizzard logo and go to Settings -> General -> under Advanced Settings disable the option for "Use browser acceleration when available". This should get rid of one of those Helper.exe processes and free up the CPU a bit.

    - If you want to completely remove all resource load from the Blizzard app you can go back into the Settings -> General section and set "When I launch a game" to "Exit the Blizzard app completely". This will prevent it from running at all while playing your games.

    Lastly, if you have suggestions or feedback for the Blizzard app developers make sure to post it on the Blizzard App Feedback Discussion forums

    Best of luck!