Dig. Dlx Download Issue

  • I purchased the digital D3 upgrade. However, upon installation I see no difference and in the downloads - it shows as (1) so just a duplicate of the original D3 and not something different. Nothing in my Battle net account to show the Deluxe Edition either. So I am stumped.
  • Hello kutchan!

    Upgrading to Digital Deluxe shouldn't require any additional downloads. The game will use the same client as before, but in-game, in your collection, you should have the additional cosmetic unlocks. You may need to remove these from character mail, which will pop an envelope icon in the bottom left of the screen when you login.

    Note that this also includes unlocks in other Blizzard games, such as several booster packs in Hearthstone, so if you have that game installed, you can login and see if those rewards were distributed yet or not.

    Best of luck in your adventures :)