RX 470 graphics card not supported

  • It worked perfectly fine a while back. I could play Diablo 3, Overwatch, Starcraft 2 and alot of other games. But now it states my grapichs card isn't supported by Diablo 3? I'm pretty sure this error occured right after a Windows 10 update. Sometimes after a restart the games are going to start. But after 10 consecutive (unsuccesful) restarts I'm a bit annoyed. The only game that works still is Heroes of the Storm. Maybe some of you can give some advice to fix it?

    I just want to play some games in my vaccation time. ;(
  • Gegeforce,

    Based on your DxDiag, you're not on the Windows 10 Creator release yet, it's still the Anniversary version.

    I'd try going back to an older AMD driver and see what it does.